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CokernutX FAQs

cokernutX frequently asked questions


  • What is CokernutX? CokernutX is a third party app-store to download and install iOS apps and games like Spotify ++, Pokemon Go++, YouTube ++, Instagram Rhino, MovieBox and many others.
  • Do I have to pay for CokernutX? No, you don’t have to pay anything – CokernutX is free and will be free forever.

100% free

  • Is it safe to use CokernutX and does it require an Apple account or must the device be jailbroken? No, you don’t need an Apple ID and the device does not require jailbreaking – CokernutX supports all iOS devices – iOS 8+, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Phone X without jailbreaking; but remember the device’s iOS version must be greater than 8.0.

safer to use

  • Is CokernutX available for Android devices? Unfortunately, it is not available for Android devices for the time being.

android not supported

  • From where can I download CokernutX apps? It can be downloaded from our download page.
  • Will I get ads in the apps downloaded from CokernutX? This is probably the biggest advantage of downloading apps from CokernutX. The developers have a strict policy against advertising and keeping apps and game units free of advertisements.

no ads

  • Is it OK to republish CokernutX apps and games? There are no restrictions on republishing CokernutX apps and games.
  • Is CokernutX open source? Yes, of course, CokernutX is an open-source platform that is why it is free.

open source

  • Is it possible to follow CokernutX on social media? Yes, here is where you can find them. [Facebook | Twitter | YouTube]

cokernutx.download social channels


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